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  • bradle ridgway
    bradle ridgwayHour ago

    Behzinga you got me for a second

  • Josh Giles
    Josh GilesHour ago

    whos his girlfriend?

  • Bandile Sishuba
    Bandile SishubaHour ago

    Something about Behz and his vibe.

    STILLHour ago

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🎈

  • Adam Sandberg
    Adam SandbergHour ago

    I love your videos but fucking hell i got scared by the titel

  • Harshad Lalye
    Harshad LalyeHour ago

    After seeing hundreds of reddit vids from all the guys, i would say i am somewhat of a guru in guessing which vids are clickbait reddit vids and which arent.

  • Jeeta johal
    Jeeta johalHour ago

    u got a new camera looks sick

  • Gracie Creations
    Gracie CreationsHour ago

    *Behzinga has uploaded a video* *smiles*

  • SDM 11
    SDM 11Hour ago

    u seemed bothered over somethin in the more sidemen video, is everything good? keep stron u irish leprechaun

  • Vl RypZ Vl
    Vl RypZ VlHour ago

    I’m surprised there isn’t nothing about ethans las 🤫

  • Tidal Yt
    Tidal YtHour ago

    Have to love bezingha content

  • Mufaddal Patanwala
    Mufaddal PatanwalaHour ago

    Surprise surprise, a sponsered reddit video

  • Foos3y_OW
    Foos3y_OWHour ago

    Probably a sponsored video and I haven’t even watched it yet

  • Mamta Malvey
    Mamta MalveyHour ago

    Yea behz uploading consistently love to see it

  • the legend ricer
    the legend ricerHour ago

    broooo 26 june is ur b day mine is on the 30th i wish u a ealry good b day

  • Ryoiki Tenkai
    Ryoiki TenkaiHour ago

    Please do another spill or fill your guts

  • Rudy
    RudyHour ago

    Banger vid!! Keep up the good work Behz🙌🏽 and stay safe 🤝

  • KrunkerKlips
    KrunkerKlipsHour ago

    Harry was absolutely right he only uploads when he has a sponsor😂 It says a lot about how he actually feels towards his fans

  • Rustom
    RustomHour ago

    What Dslr are u using ? The quality is insane

  • Crazy Clownfish
    Crazy ClownfishHour ago

    This man is my inspiration he keeps improving Love you bez😊

  • Sonny Martell
    Sonny MartellHour ago

    Oh Reddit thanks the lordddddd

    JEEVA ANANTHHour ago

    "vote for a sidemen song in 24hrs video" . we want it !

  • MMA fighter
    MMA fighterHour ago

    as soon as I heard reddit I know the title was bs

  • Jack_The_God
    Jack_The_GodHour ago

    These are feeling like corporate scripted videos now man :(

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan JHour ago

    lit ep.

  • zach sutton
    zach suttonHour ago

    Hey man not all Americans like Bryce or are easily offended. Kids a massive wang

  • daddy shrek
    daddy shrekHour ago

    that last bit was mad sus

  • Intaza
    IntazaHour ago

    How is one of the funniest sidemen making such boring reddit video's.

  • Mario Zdravevski
    Mario ZdravevskiHour ago

    What camera is this filmed with?

  • SpaHa
    SpaHaHour ago

    Had a tumor recently and stopped going gym completely but u motivated me trought hard times thanks man

  • Zer0 Mystify
    Zer0 MystifyHour ago


  • Missespotatoheadz
    MissespotatoheadzHour ago

    Please make another sidemen make a song video, but put you, jj and tobi on a team!

  • saladass
    saladassHour ago

    gotta chill with that clickbate m8

    JEEVA ANANTHHour ago

    gymshark ! respect

  • Jasim jaleel
    Jasim jaleelHour ago

    Behz, pls give me a heart

  • froggit
    froggitHour ago

    I should have guessed it’s a Reddit video.

  • Tripiify
    TripiifyHour ago

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed . Amen 👌🏽💯

  • Patrick Heinemeyer
    Patrick HeinemeyerHour ago

    nice clickbate

  • Marc Genesis Milanes
    Marc Genesis MilanesHour ago

    Most funnyest laugh of part of the sidemen❤️

  • Callum Hickman
    Callum HickmanHour ago

    Swear your God, saved so many lives with your documentary and you don't even realise! I appreciate you!❤

  • DarkxBlade
    DarkxBladeHour ago

    when you show a picture to your parents and they have to bring it close to their face to see it 6:56

  • Michael Novotny
    Michael NovotnyHour ago

    This guy overrated

  • soloplayeronly
    soloplayeronlyHour ago

    I keep the toitlet door open to show people who is boss

  • Sushant Singh Gautam
    Sushant Singh GautamHour ago


  • Silas Guzlas
    Silas GuzlasHour ago

    Clickbait looolllllllll

  • Jeppe Mostrup Viborg
    Jeppe Mostrup ViborgHour ago

    You aren't Harry, you can't clickbait us like that.

  • Ash Arnav
    Ash ArnavHour ago

    So it is BEHZINGA REDDIT!!

  • TetresSD
    TetresSDHour ago

    absolute banger my guy the video that is 👏😃

  • Sensei Osss
    Sensei OsssHour ago

    A behz vid is never complete without an ad

  • Gabriel Kelly
    Gabriel KellyHour ago

    We need a new Diss track season

  • Sexy Beast
    Sexy BeastHour ago

    behz with the waves tho

  • krez
    krezHour ago

    I want a sidemen video where you guys make a song about summer in 24 hours i think that would be a nice video and would fit in the time we are right now

  • Datavo
    DatavoHour ago

    Reddit=instant clickbait

  • Mohnish Landge
    Mohnish LandgeHour ago

    Clickbait King 👑

  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto KaibaHour ago

    This guy should try USplan 🥊 boxing

  • Ben A
    Ben AHour ago

    Clickbait wooooo 😂😂

  • crazy joker
    crazy jokerHour ago

    We need another sidemen makes a song in 24 hours 🔥

  • Lucas Small
    Lucas SmallHour ago

    This title got me

  • thugger1
    thugger1Hour ago

    Isn't it like illegal? I mean he literally copied the whole concept even the title!

  • joshua bolton
    joshua boltonHour ago

    Bez is the low-key genius. Like he plays like he knows nothing but makes power moves 💯

  • Jaden Lustre
    Jaden LustreHour ago

    Me looking at the thumbnail: “surely this is clickbait, I won’t watch it” Literally 5 minutes later: *watches video* Well played Behz

  • Inei
    IneiHour ago

    I poo on FaceTime

  • Kardo Maleknia
    Kardo MalekniaHour ago

    Try eating and training like Arnold

  • Ceris Long
    Ceris LongHour ago

    Whats his girlfriends TikTok?

  • Төгс Батмөнх
    Төгс БатмөнхHour ago

    Yo u will look fire if u are bold. If see viks video there’s every sidemen bold and u looked fire

  • Jade Meek
    Jade MeekHour ago

    Was boutta commit can’t lie


    Love from KSA ❤️

  • Gonzalo Aranibar Quilichini
    Gonzalo Aranibar QuilichiniHour ago

    Bez is the only underrated sidemen that actually is good XD

  • David McMonies
    David McMoniesHour ago

    Ahhhh classic sidemen style clickbait

  • DonPapi long shlong
    DonPapi long shlongHour ago

    I knew this bs before clicking

  • Jake Collen
    Jake CollenHour ago

    of course this is sponsored 😂

  • Laura Haley
    Laura HaleyHour ago

    Yessssssss great vid 👍🏻

  • Calum Farmer
    Calum FarmerHour ago

    Behz these titles are sick ngl

  • Jamie Owen
    Jamie OwenHour ago

    We need a video with faith behz

  • Ben Lucas
    Ben LucasHour ago

    hate being lumped in with the tik tokers cause I'm american, we hate them just as much T.T

    FALAQ ASHRAFHour ago

    Yeaaaaa lets gooooo

  • J-BlankRL
    J-BlankRLHour ago

    Good conetent, funny how simon used the SAME analogy for the sponsor LOL

  • Ammar Butt
    Ammar ButtHour ago

    Behz is legit the most inspiration sidemen in my eyes

  • Highland Spring
    Highland SpringHour ago

    5:32 perfectly said