24 Hour Eating & Training Challenge

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  • Muhammad Nishath
    Muhammad Nishath2 days ago

    Imagine if the sidemen pick ethans 24 hours of training and eating challenge

  • Purge
    Purge22 days ago

    What fitness was does behz use

  • Ashleigh
    AshleighMonth ago

    should do a diet swap with someone, they eat what's your "normal" days worth of food and you eat their "normal" daily food take too. like supersize vs superskinny.

  • Grinch
    Grinch2 months ago

    You deserve all the happiness :)

  • Dylan Watson
    Dylan Watson2 months ago

    All Man milk?

  • CrypticFPS
    CrypticFPS2 months ago

    Can we have links to the items you use for training? Lik that thing you use for diffrent push-up. And ur pull-up rack?

  • Jake Grey
    Jake Grey2 months ago

    "I wish i was eating a blondie" Elz the wich????

  • Purdius Prime
    Purdius Prime2 months ago

    Yo man, I see you using a Push Up board, whats your view on them?

  • Toxicity
    Toxicity2 months ago

    So we gone talk about Harry’s videobomb lol

  • Mark An
    Mark An2 months ago

    sheesh man does not skip leg day

  • Studywith Me
    Studywith Me2 months ago

    wheres your loose skin gone

    FADI BLOG2 months ago

    We need more of these videos 🔥🔥🔥

  • Isobel Lyall
    Isobel Lyall2 months ago

    good brUdDa

  • Cypress Mckendrick
    Cypress Mckendrick3 months ago

    I’m sorry but there’s no possible way to burn 1,000 calories in 40 mins js

  • SubtoPolecat324


    16 days ago

    1000 during the whole day...

  • Dean Justin
    Dean Justin3 months ago

    Train and eat with or like Eddie hall

  • Victor Daniel Catalan
    Victor Daniel Catalan3 months ago

    Do the Goggins challenge.

  • Shaun Thomas
    Shaun Thomas3 months ago

    UFC 4

  • Ballistic Warrior
    Ballistic Warrior3 months ago

    Mate it's not available for USA

    ISARI3 months ago

    the title is so good. you should have just said living challenge

  • xXBigKingIIXx
    xXBigKingIIXx3 months ago


  • CJF Hotshot
    CJF Hotshot3 months ago

    W2S cameo 2:39

  • ợ̶น̶ε̶น̶ε̶
    ợ̶น̶ε̶น̶ε̶3 months ago

    Everytime Behz Does These Things, I Feel Like a Proud Friend.

  • AbuuMechanics
    AbuuMechanics3 months ago

    Try the egg diet

  • Hassy
    Hassy3 months ago


  • Rhiannon Colman
    Rhiannon Colman3 months ago

    You should do a rugby players workout for 24 hours

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni3 months ago

    Sounds wild but u should do a run through of your perfect “training” day

  • William Hawker
    William Hawker3 months ago

    Drinking a protein shake while watching this

  • G Nash
    G Nash3 months ago


  • Behzinga Clips
    Behzinga Clips3 months ago

    I do short behzinga clips!!

  • Ronan Oflaherty
    Ronan Oflaherty3 months ago

    You shoud train like anthony joshua

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    3 months ago

    big up behzy boo

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui3 months ago

    ‘Wish I was eating a blondie’ Reaches for bleach to dye hair..

  • Michael Van Rensburg
    Michael Van Rensburg3 months ago

    Mad respect for you bro!

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah3 months ago

    Vegan protein bars are the wave

  • L10HD
    L10HD3 months ago

    Class video, what app do you use to count your calories

  • Declan Brooks
    Declan Brooks3 months ago

    What is the app your using for tracking your calorie and workout time

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    3 months ago

    6:53 you mean ELZ?

  • Matt3667
    Matt36673 months ago

    I guessing u got this from joe fazer! U should do some lil collab with him after lockdown he seems like a good kid and got alot of potential

  • Tilly Moon-Brooks
    Tilly Moon-Brooks3 months ago

    behz got bunda tho aha

  • Bangers FC
    Bangers FC3 months ago

    Bit Late, but could you do the Wim Hof Method say for a week or a month (maybe too long) and then give feedback on it and what you learned from it ?

  • Cece Da midget
    Cece Da midget3 months ago

    vlog or what i eat in a day when life gets back to normal behz dedication is the best

  • Bezingha123
    Bezingha1233 months ago

    “I wish I was eating a blonde “

  • Trakz
    Trakz3 months ago

    Cringiest sidemen and thats saying something with Vikk

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl3 months ago

    "i wish i was eating a blondy" lmao

  • Maddy Keel
    Maddy Keel3 months ago

    I wold like to take this opportunity to say ...wow gorgeous

  • d
    d3 months ago

    big up behzy boo

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy3 months ago

    “Wish I was eating a blondie” We all know who he was thinking when he said that 😂😏

  • JuanJo Garcia
    JuanJo Garcia3 months ago

    I spared Ksi *crazy ending*

  • Dylan XD
    Dylan XD3 months ago

    It’s crazy to see where h have come from and how much u have changed it inspired me to make myself much happier

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    3 months ago

    "i wish i was eating a blondy" lmao

  • Anonymous 1
    Anonymous 13 months ago

    Do training like KSI

  • David C
    David C3 months ago

    6:53 you mean ELZ?

  • yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    3 months ago

    Behzinga is goated

  • Austin
    Austin3 months ago

    Okay on avg i burn 3k cals a day according to my fitbit (more if exercising) - so if i only eat 1.5k im in a 1.5k defecit?

  • Oli Taylor
    Oli Taylor3 months ago

    I think when the gyms reopen you should do not only gym videos but gym collabs

  • Jack Warb5
    Jack Warb53 months ago

    What was that thing he was using to track his burnt calories?

  • Wilhelm Jansner
    Wilhelm Jansner3 months ago

    The rock

  • sigurd fjorback
    sigurd fjorback3 months ago

    kage er godt

  • Connor Walker
    Connor Walker3 months ago

    Eating and training like Ross edgley

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh3 months ago

    Awesome video bro I’m lovin ittt!!!

  • WildJellyfish
    WildJellyfish3 months ago

    Ethsn this might be way out of your content sort of area.. if that makes sense... but can you do a prank video? Or a challenge video that just includes you taking the piss😂 I Feel like I Wanna watch a lighthearted video of yours

  • Spacey Spacey
    Spacey Spacey3 months ago

    I’ve got an idea for you mate, why not try to not eat food for 3 days straight and see what the results are. (You can only drink water tho)

    ANSHVEER SINGH3 months ago

    Hey does he look like hawks nest why😂😂

  • Naysi D
    Naysi D3 months ago

    When gym open again. Do eat train like. Greg doucette or Will tenny or Zac perna or Hanna oberg or Mike Thurston or nuttyfoodiefitness

  • Jb Antonio
    Jb Antonio3 months ago

    He just filmed his daily life

  • Izzie Davies
    Izzie Davies3 months ago

    When gyms reopen he should do sidemens diet and workout for a week

  • B Champ
    B Champ3 months ago

    Behzinga is goated

  • B Champ

    B Champ

    3 months ago


  • B Champ

    B Champ

    3 months ago


  • B Champ

    B Champ

    3 months ago


  • B Champ

    B Champ

    3 months ago


  • B Champ

    B Champ

    3 months ago


  • Liam Newton
    Liam Newton3 months ago

    Eathan vs jake pual

  • Oliver tran
    Oliver tran3 months ago

    What a legend “I wish I was eating a blonde”

  • George Innit
    George Innit3 months ago

    Video idea go on tinder with your old pics and ur new pics and see the difference in matches

  • Sander MB
    Sander MB3 months ago

    You should to eating and training like myself in 2015

  • Jay
    Jay3 months ago

    Olmund milk

  • Manny Hernandez
    Manny Hernandez3 months ago

    Pep Talk by Xavy Rusan

  • Prod By Pierce
    Prod By Pierce3 months ago

    training and eating like Eddie hall

  • shorts r fun
    shorts r fun3 months ago

    train with jj when he goes back to boxing properly for a week do a couple sessions with him and vidal that would be a class video

  • Samuel Patterson
    Samuel Patterson3 months ago

    Didn’t come up in my recommended

  • Kaysha Bosha
    Kaysha Bosha3 months ago

    Loving the fitness videos, I hope he keeps this type of content going

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui3 months ago

    We need to see eating like Jamie vardy on his Match day

  • Freddie Mercury ✔
    Freddie Mercury ✔3 months ago

    I fucking love Ethans hair and beard

  • Sidou Mkr
    Sidou Mkr3 months ago

    Warn him aboit the vitamin D go see a doctor and ask him about it

  • Taylot Mackay-Reid
    Taylot Mackay-Reid3 months ago

    Nowhere near as funny as he used to be, all he does is gym stuff and has no personality

  • Sean Harvey
    Sean Harvey3 months ago

    I’m eating a blondie, ohh wish I was eating a blondie😂😂

  • foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    3 months ago

    Can't wait for post lockdown behz vids

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady3 months ago

    Eat like 2016 behzinga train like 2021 behzinga

  • CarsonPlayz
    CarsonPlayz3 months ago

    You should train and eat like creed

  • Eran Cavalieri
    Eran Cavalieri3 months ago

    you should eat like eddie hall fore a day!!:)

  • griffin gray
    griffin gray3 months ago

    Cheers mate 🍻

  • Andy
    Andy3 months ago

    what app do you use to track your stats?

  • The MCP
    The MCP3 months ago

    Screw the gym my man behz needs a barber Looking good tho my guy

  • Jeffrey O'Gara
    Jeffrey O'Gara3 months ago

    Of course the haircut idea was Ethans

  • Harry foley
    Harry foley3 months ago

    I wish I was eating one as well behz

  • Ale_OK
    Ale_OK3 months ago

    What is your leg work out Behz, and amount per set?

    WEST HAM UNITED FC3 months ago

    coyi absolute lej

  • Mason Thomas
    Mason Thomas3 months ago

    Anyone know the watch he’s wearing?

  • Philip Shortt
    Philip Shortt3 months ago

    Behzinga tries strongman diet?

  • Reuben Wardle
    Reuben Wardle3 months ago

    Do a video with Eddie hall when you can?

  • HSO_Ijaz
    HSO_Ijaz3 months ago

    Can't wait for post lockdown behz vids

  • Angelo Cruz
    Angelo Cruz3 months ago

    Does he live in the same place at Harry ?

  • LukeWasHere
    LukeWasHere3 months ago

    ayy mans lookin trim, but... DEM QUADS DOE your doin great amen brother

  • Louie Phillips
    Louie Phillips3 months ago

    5:51 COD Zombies

  • Jamin Govender
    Jamin Govender3 months ago

    what apps do u use to track al ur stats mate?

  • C.B
    C.B3 months ago

    Only a day?

  • Carlos Bonte
    Carlos Bonte3 months ago

    trainingvid with KSIIIII

  • Cold Rashers
    Cold Rashers3 months ago

    How many subs can I get from this comment Currently : 0

  • Benjamin Jeriha
    Benjamin Jeriha3 months ago

    Hi I love your vids, but Im wondering what watch youre using on a day to day basis and for workouts!