Behzinga Takes On The London Marathon | How To Be Behzinga

Behzinga's decided to run the London Marathon but in between training and pulling a fire engine with just a rope, he also has to figure out how he’s going to run 26 miles without going to the bathroom. Forget coming in at number one; how’s he gonna deal with a number two?

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0:00 My Biggest Challenge - EP Teaser
1:00 Meeting Mummy Behz
2:05 Opening up about my Childhood
5:57 I am running the London Marathon
6:16 How I got Fit
8:19 How to run a Marathon
10:32 My Big Announcement!
12:39 Finlay's Story
14:34 I pulled a Truck with Eddie Hall
21:17 COVID ruins my plan - EP2 Teaser


  • Behzinga
    Behzinga7 months ago

    I'm so happy to finally share this massive project with you all! Starting today with episode 1, ALL episodes of #HowToBeBehzingaYT will be FREE to watch on my channel. Stay tuned for Episode 2 tomorrow.

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    if i could find your real father I would try

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    Ur a legend mate

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    Sooooo... litteraly everything is possible? Okay! Lets fk go! See ya guys on the top in a while!

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    So much love for guy and his mum. Both overcame impossible odds and beat it.

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    trust the process, every arsenal fan got a tear in their eye

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    iam nikkie4 days ago

    Today is the day,i'm gonna change my life i'm really tired of being unhappy, not being the person i wanna to be,so if you seeing this comment you should start too mate i'm supporting you

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    Yash Mantri5 days ago

    If your real dad is watching it,he would be killing himself after knowing what he has let down

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    Clio Lewis5 days ago

    I never knew ethans eyes were green and now that I’ve seen them it makes him so prettier

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    I'm happy that you have overcome the obstacles that were in your path of life, I feel the pain you went through because I had a similar thing happen to me and my mom. When I was 3 my real dad died and my mom got married to my step-dad who left me alone with her when I was 9 after a car accident she was in where the doctors said she should have died. I had to take care of her during the years of her pain to the point where I became emotionally dead. Knowing that you went through a similar pain and you came out of it the way you did inspired me and took me out of a dark place in my life. I thank you for the inspiration or I might not have been here today. Keep up the good work and remember we are here for you so you don't have to endure the pain by yourself.

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