How To Be Behzinga | Official Trailer

Once a poster boy for poor health, Ethan Payne (aka Behzinga) has turned his life around. His biggest challenge yet, the London Marathon, has been cancelled-- so what will he do next?

Take the journey with Ethan this October 19th.


  • Noah Mossini11
    Noah Mossini11Month ago

    Imagine disliking this

  • OOF Meme
    OOF MemeMonth ago


    SPW GAMINGMonth ago

    Fucking amazing boss, amazing

  • Parveen Rehmat
    Parveen Rehmat2 months ago

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  • Asep Rusl
    Asep Rusl2 months ago

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  • MD
    MD2 months ago

    It feels like am watching a Netflix show

  • I love Pewdiepie
    I love Pewdiepie3 months ago


  • Cold Rashers
    Cold Rashers3 months ago

    Inspiring 💪🏻🤴🏼👍🏻

  • Brooke Pendell
    Brooke Pendell3 months ago

    He screams king.

  • EudamusHD
    EudamusHD4 months ago

    This was so amazing Bhez, you are so inspiring.

  • M1
    M14 months ago

    I got ur bk g I have been growing up with no father big body and naw I still dont see my dad but I have a hole football team I train lodes I put effort in to lodes of thing so technique me and u have been growing up the same 😥

  • Kar71k15
    Kar71k154 months ago

    why tf have some people disliked this?

  • Kar71k15
    Kar71k154 months ago


  • Rhys
    Rhys4 months ago

    Scam! Was not a tutorial

  • ISRAEl Juarez
    ISRAEl Juarez4 months ago

    I watched it like 7 times and I still don’t get tired or it

  • pop in
    pop in5 months ago

    Who’s watching this in 2021

    SMART BOY YT5 months ago


  • Rehab Auto
    Rehab Auto5 months ago

    New watching you and the Sidemen, I started watching with my son for quite sometime now and amazed how much determination and heart you have on you fitness goals. Well I’m a 53 year old man who works out but can’t stay consistent. You have inspired me again and enjoy watching your continued transformation! Thank you and fantastic progress.

  • Michael J
    Michael J5 months ago

    Bruh I literally did the 30 day challenge twice ez gains

    SB17MCFC GAMING6 months ago

    Ngl it brought a little bit of tears in my eyes at the end... Proud of u Behz!!!💯🔥🙏😍❤️

  • Alen Worley
    Alen Worley6 months ago

    Anyone else cry at the end?😂

  • Ian Cole - Breakspear
    Ian Cole - Breakspear6 months ago

    You should be proud u are such an inspiration

  • tenzing
    tenzing6 months ago

    should have named his series "no payne no gain"

    SHAHLA PALIWAL7 months ago

    Mate no joke the best USplan series I have ever seen

  • Vinros
    Vinros7 months ago

    Mind over matter

  • the bored recorder
    the bored recorder7 months ago

    B A Z I N G A

  • joker batman
    joker batman7 months ago

    where did master Wong ( Wing chun master ) come from

  • Shorba14
    Shorba147 months ago


  • Youssef saad
    Youssef saad7 months ago


  • Sandra Muliau
    Sandra Muliau7 months ago

    ethan's dad's screaming right nowwww

  • Harmohit Singh
    Harmohit Singh7 months ago

    biiiiigggg gggggggg

  • Dan
    Dan7 months ago

    Incredible! So inspirational

  • Murray Gibson
    Murray Gibson7 months ago

    Its so crazy he reminds me of TYSON FURY

  • Hrehan Dutta
    Hrehan Dutta7 months ago

    I had to write a biography in school and I chose you! So inspiring, I loved the series.

  • kuba pleban
    kuba pleban7 months ago

    That make me cry when tobi said i dont know if ill see my friend again your such a inspiration behz

    SPINO GAMING YT7 months ago

    Ayy behz keeps the tittle of being a boss mn

  • Chris Leahy
    Chris Leahy7 months ago

    Behzinga you have inspired me to do what i want to do and get up and put in the hard work to do what i want to get done thank you very much for being such a role model

  • YouRaZe
    YouRaZe7 months ago

    You are absolutely amazing!!!

  • BlessedWarrior
    BlessedWarrior7 months ago

    1:02 !!!!!!! 💪💪

  • ISHFAAQ Khan
    ISHFAAQ Khan7 months ago

    Listen, im not a behzinga fan but what this guy has done so far is crazy! Behzinga, your a beast bro.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu7 months ago

    People who got chills watching the trailer....

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo7 months ago

    🔥 this is mad inspiring fr. Ima fully watch this.

  • Aidan Morales
    Aidan Morales7 months ago

    I'm stoked

  • hey hey
    hey hey7 months ago

    His Dad bouta come back from da cash ngl

  • Dan Panah
    Dan Panah7 months ago

    Come on bro

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    7 months ago

    through so much and came out the other side is so amazing. You look great and dont ever think differently!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue7 months ago

    🔥 this is mad inspiring fr. Ima fully watch this.

  • J10JUDGE
    J10JUDGE7 months ago

    Behz mate, I beg this wasnt actually just fun to watch - seeing you, your Mum, Finlay and your fans all support you through this and the way you've changed your life around is truly truly inspirational. I think that everyone will agree in sincerely congratulating you in your success and the message you've given to many

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey7 months ago

    What’s the women trainers name in this video with the pink top on?

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    7 months ago

    Let’s goooo

  • itzkingplayz 734
    itzkingplayz 7347 months ago

    This is awesome

  • ulanchique
    ulanchique7 months ago

    living legend. big up especially to ethan’s mum

  • Parker Barnett
    Parker Barnett7 months ago

    This is sick Awesome

  • Cassie
    Cassie7 months ago

    can't wait for this lad👀

  • Chris Machado
    Chris Machado7 months ago

    This is going to be great

  • TheBananaPeel
    TheBananaPeel7 months ago


  • Calvin
    Calvin7 months ago

    Put some respect on my man's name. This kind of mindset is praiseworthy.

  • Kayleigh Lane
    Kayleigh Lane7 months ago

    Man you are actually my biggest inspiration when it comes to my training. I've been working hard for a year now and I always think if you can do it, so can I. The fact you have been through so much and came out the other side is so amazing. You look great and dont ever think differently!

  • Cassie


    7 months ago


  • Exotice_james 10
    Exotice_james 107 months ago

    You have been through so much bro there’s people that love you bro keep running and keep your head up bro

  • Luke Bradley
    Luke Bradley7 months ago

    my god he is so strong mentality and physically from where he came from

  • Essex Runner
    Essex Runner7 months ago

    This is sick. I’m a runner and I like this

  • Mr Liew
    Mr Liew7 months ago

    dont think at 0:42 - 0:45 it was in any of the eps right?

  • Connor 756
    Connor 7567 months ago

    He has done it lets go

  • Char704
    Char7047 months ago

    @Behzinga yes king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u smashed it!!!!!!

  • Alfie
    Alfie7 months ago

    Let’s goooo

  • Gee
    Gee7 months ago

    Dislikes are Logan Paul Fans 🖕🤣

  • Aryan
    Aryan7 months ago

    Whos here after hes finished the marathon

  • Connor 756

    Connor 756

    7 months ago

    Me lol

  • Lyptick99
    Lyptick997 months ago

    a legend in the making

  • Francisco Alarcon
    Francisco Alarcon7 months ago

    A diffrent lv of respect for this man much love

  • Delia Lerma
    Delia Lerma7 months ago


  • Ab15an
    Ab15an7 months ago

    I'm back from the live chat this guy is soo underrated and he is goated

  • Dhruv Arora
    Dhruv Arora7 months ago


  • Melissa Maulding
    Melissa Maulding7 months ago


  • Ruland Furqan
    Ruland Furqan7 months ago

    The title should have been How to Be-hzinga

  • Aser Almehgub
    Aser Almehgub7 months ago


  • Beano _real1
    Beano _real17 months ago

    you got this

  • Владислав Цьмоха
    Владислав Цьмоха7 months ago

    Hello, I want to launch a project to help people. As far as I know, USplan is a great force. And thus we will give help to those who need it! Thank you all in advance! Let's go, I will present a video report after first aid!subscribe and like, thank you

  • mama mami 1234 yeet
    mama mami 1234 yeet7 months ago

    JJ : Man went from a 2 to an 8..

  • Trevor Helgesen
    Trevor Helgesen7 months ago

    Honestly though. What shoes is he wearing for running

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu7 months ago

    can't wait for this lad👀

  • Whitireia Soutar
    Whitireia Soutar7 months ago

    Dang that gave me goosebumps.

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.37 months ago

    This is a beautiful video 💯💯💯💯

  • Urška Barl Kolman
    Urška Barl Kolman7 months ago

    This looks sick!!

  • Haris Hussain
    Haris Hussain7 months ago

    So many familiar faces in this we would never expect

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    7 months ago

    Break your body.

  • Oof guy
    Oof guy7 months ago

    Behzinga just to let you know god doesnt make any mistakes you are a great youtube role model.

  • Haidan Hook
    Haidan Hook7 months ago

    You legend bez ❤

  • Chr1stophεr
    Chr1stophεr7 months ago

    Master Wongggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  • YBN_Nolan 16
    YBN_Nolan 167 months ago


  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun7 months ago


  • TubGaming05
    TubGaming057 months ago

    Seen you since day one. Your an giant inspiration to all

  • El Guapo Productions
    El Guapo Productions7 months ago

    Absolutely love this! You smashed it bro

  • Hridoy Raj Khan
    Hridoy Raj Khan7 months ago

    Much much love and support bruvv ! Ksi and you really did inspired me to move myself and get in shaped .. wallah bruv I love you 🖤

  • Bill Watson
    Bill Watson7 months ago


  • W1ckan Wickström
    W1ckan Wickström7 months ago

    Love from Sweden Love ur vids Never give up on your dreams

  • legendsnowSK
    legendsnowSK7 months ago

    *Break your body.*

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom7 months ago

    You really have to rate this. You can’t hate the man for this

  • Yann G.
    Yann G.7 months ago

    You are truly amazing!

  • Oskar Puusepp
    Oskar Puusepp7 months ago

    Keep up the work my g

  • Josh100 HD
    Josh100 HD7 months ago

    U know ima be watching this

  • Nahhh b
    Nahhh b7 months ago

    You hv come a long way BROTHER so proud

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    7 months ago

    🥺♥️ so proud of him

  • Liam Simpson
    Liam Simpson7 months ago

    This just came with some heat 🔥

  • BoxingChannelHD
    BoxingChannelHD7 months ago