I Ghost Wrote On KSI's Dissimulation

We back at it with the Behzinga Reddit videos, you guys have been asking for it so here it is! Hope you enjoy this weeks video!
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    Olivia Sharp and 2.1k ppl agreed with him ur just jealous cow he didn’t heart urs

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    The first thing that went through my head after “I want my hair played sometimes”, think of the fanfics..

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    Can relate so hard. Nearly 24, don’t have a dad, no significant other✌🏻

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    7:08 admitted he had 50,000 ,, btw loved the vid

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    tiani purville11 months ago

    i’m literally crying 🥺 i wish i was ethans ageeeeee 😭😭😭

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    Outro song was unexpected but on point!

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    LMAO, use jideeeeee ahahaha

  • Zac Trenerry
    Zac Trenerry11 months ago

    Why does Sithan look like Josh Pieters?

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    Just look on tic to I’ve seen about 100 videos about him and girls loving him

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    Sidemen beef in 2 minutes jj needs to react to that

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    Could u make a video on the petition to ban loot boxes for anyone under 18 please behzinga. You know full well with ur platform u could help it reach 100k and u know all about it because of Jcc and the lads. Would be greatly appreciated

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    WoW wtf i just wacht a video of you 4 years ago and now this you changed SO much #respect

  • Daniel O Connor
    Daniel O ConnorYear ago

    Sidemen should do a Lego video where they get 10 minutes to make something with a bag of Lego in teams . Different rounds could be like to build a car or a building

  • callum
    callumYear ago

    Is he doing that transformation on the 20th

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    Great content mate👍

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    Come on lads let’s get Efan some umfffff

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    8:17 - 8:20 you could tell he was actually like hurting omg

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    You should try "Burning 10000 calories in 24 hours in lockdown"

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    Ethan’s mid-midlife crisis

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    Harry and his incest genes 😂

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    gtoss chddyYear ago

    Honestly, Josh has the most underrated glow up out of all of them

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    Harry took hella ketamine before that arm wrestle

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    That’s not something to brag about

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    Bruh ksi used that before in a interview of him talking about his money

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    Lmao you could not have done that since you can’t write 🙄 I’ve heard your bars fam

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    No he has a dad but he’s not there

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  • Average Commenter
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    8:22 they removed come fly with me off of platforms like Netflix etc cause of literally that blackface

  • Zanzo 87
    Zanzo 87Year ago

    Can we just take a second to relize how cool bez is from when he first started to know I dont know how he hasn't got a gf he is loving caring funny and and inspiration to millions good guy bez

    LILNIK0Year ago

    You dont say

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    I hate click bait so much

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    felt that breakdown had many like that before

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    Am i the only one who straight away thought of Emon when sithan came up

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    9:23 is where he talks about ghostwriting for KSI

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    5:19 mate you got it all wrong that’s Babatunde not JJ.

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    Hands down, if you're looking for someone to play with your hair let me know

  • CTG cringethegamer
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    Behzinga : I'm done sleeping with people! Me: when did you start? 🤣😏

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    3:16 a coincidence I think not

  • Adam Cram
    Adam CramYear ago

    Hard time believing you were a ghost writer. You can't even barely spell or do math. Hahaha to be honest. I don't get how KSI does either 😂 cows drink water bro lol calves drink milk

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    I love you bud lol don't block me. Just banter. You are massively more successful than me 😂😂

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    Iykyk it is from old gta videos Was very funny

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