I'm The Real KSI...

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Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.


  • Justin White
    Justin White16 days ago

    Love you behz but this video feels like a massive gym shark advertisement

  • Boys Youtube
    Boys YoutubeMonth ago

    I think we all know why we clicked on this video

  • Supreme Pokhrel
    Supreme Pokhrel2 months ago

    I thought alarm was for sambuca ngl

  • Sachin Patil
    Sachin Patil2 months ago

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  • Christina Holmes
    Christina Holmes3 months ago

    Well we need to see a reaction video now

  • It’s Yaboi
    It’s Yaboi3 months ago

    2:27 nearly dropped the computer

  • Mitchell Nunes
    Mitchell Nunes4 months ago

    Are the sidemates still going on after covid

  • Oscar CG
    Oscar CG4 months ago

    0:05 gotta love that Doctor D reference yayayayaya

  • irony
    irony4 months ago

    I’m the Real KSI.

  • enerplayz Joe
    enerplayz Joe4 months ago

    How can you hate this man❤️❤️❤️

  • beastmaster 64
    beastmaster 645 months ago

    We still need that reaction bro

  • Morgan_R 12
    Morgan_R 125 months ago

    Is it just me who got baited with the sambuca alarm

  • tobysands8
    tobysands85 months ago

    Yoooooo Behz, time to react buddy!

  • LifeOfSharkie
    LifeOfSharkie5 months ago

    Your Reddit videos are way too cringe make them more like JJ's funnier nobody wants to hear your endless promotion

  • Tazeem RK
    Tazeem RK5 months ago


  • me
    me5 months ago

    The thumbnail scared me

  • Megan Brown
    Megan Brown5 months ago

    did anyone else think the alarm was the sambuca alarm

  • Dawud
    Dawud5 months ago

    Lol anyone else notice that when he was talking about the among us group, the pic of cal was actually that maid from the movie

  • Chris Brotherton
    Chris Brotherton5 months ago

    Congrats on the last 12 months, it's amazing what losing your virginity can do for a boy

  • Karen
    Karen5 months ago

    Let's go 20% off

  • RJ Imagery
    RJ Imagery5 months ago

    legit though that was the sambuca siren then

  • Matt Media
    Matt Media5 months ago

    now you dont feel anything XXDDdDd

  • N.A.K
    N.A.K5 months ago

    He should put some background music.

  • Rachel Lloyd
    Rachel Lloyd6 months ago

    Behz could ruin my life and I would thank him for it 😂

  • Falak Naz

    Falak Naz

    5 months ago

    @Rachel Lloyd I don’t need you to ask me.... I’m telling you!!

  • Rachel Lloyd

    Rachel Lloyd

    5 months ago

    Don’t remember asking you 🤔

  • Falak Naz

    Falak Naz

    6 months ago

    ummm no girl...

  • Courtney Collamer
    Courtney Collamer6 months ago

    I’m in love with u 😻

  • lachie dalton
    lachie dalton6 months ago

    100 kkkkkkk

  • Wicks
    Wicks6 months ago

    Hmm 100k likes hmm no reaction video

  • iMakeVids
    iMakeVids6 months ago

    Where is the new video?

  • Connor McAleese
    Connor McAleese6 months ago

    We love you behz

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm6 months ago

    You are in ur dreams

  • Kaneda
    Kaneda6 months ago

    i saw u in the shop with my friend

  • Thomas Pearson
    Thomas Pearson6 months ago

    I just watched your How to be Behzinga and i was crying it was sooooo inspirational. Man thank you for the advise

  • Thomas Pearson

    Thomas Pearson

    6 months ago

    I just subbed and liked and put notifications on

  • Eow Channel
    Eow Channel6 months ago

    God loves you turn to him if you haven’t already

  • Forget about It
    Forget about It6 months ago

    Inset: do something poking meme

  • Yam Tam
    Yam Tam6 months ago

    Whole vid ad

  • ⇝Ⓔʟɪᴊᴀʜ 亗
    ⇝Ⓔʟɪᴊᴀʜ 亗6 months ago

    Do more workout vids

  • Zack Hale
    Zack Hale6 months ago

    Love your video I’m a big fan xx

  • Finnmac10 !!!
    Finnmac10 !!!6 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ loving the recent vids . Big fan

  • Ajan Abazi
    Ajan Abazi6 months ago

    Where u at bro

  • Satish naik
    Satish naik6 months ago

    Who else thought it was a Sambuca shot alarm😂

  • declan
    declan6 months ago

    Sidemen make a song in 24 hours part 2?

  • I play Overwatch
    I play Overwatch6 months ago

    How is there 1k dislikes

  • Jack Aitken
    Jack Aitken6 months ago

    1:05 thought it was the Sambuca alarm

  • JerryHuge1
    JerryHuge16 months ago

    No uploads

  • Toosiye media
    Toosiye media6 months ago

    Bez, i know u Could Get to 10 mill if you just upload more bro

  • Daliggowski
    Daliggowski6 months ago

    I thought that was the Sambuca alarm lol

  • fiyin rob you are so nobby pratt
    fiyin rob you are so nobby pratt6 months ago

    You are with Eli the witch

  • Yvonne Divila
    Yvonne Divila6 months ago

    10:16 voice breaks

  • archiewall16
    archiewall166 months ago


  • Daniel d'costa
    Daniel d'costa6 months ago


  • Francis Rosales
    Francis Rosales6 months ago

    Lmaooo I thought the alarm at the start was for sambuca ffs

  • RIP Mamba
    RIP Mamba6 months ago

    10:15 "I caught him, I caUGht him"

  • Pain
    Pain6 months ago

    He making bank off gymshark damn

  • nubHOOD 1
    nubHOOD 16 months ago

    2:27 casually breaks laptop

  • Byron Thompson
    Byron Thompson6 months ago

    Great. Now we have a love triangle between Behz, JJ and Simon...

  • ezra frimpong
    ezra frimpong6 months ago

    100k likes behz you gotta do it

  • Emma York
    Emma York6 months ago

    Constantly behind on these videos😩😂

  • RussianAnonymous
    RussianAnonymous6 months ago

    what camera does you use

  • T2sav
    T2sav6 months ago

    Don’t u think behz and josh should play the crew 2 again

  • Veer Singh
    Veer Singh6 months ago

    OMG 3:56 he said Veer and thats my name

  • LionKinG
    LionKinG6 months ago

    It's already 100k+ where is the react video

  • madiha kamaly
    madiha kamaly6 months ago

    u met my brother he yelled your name out when you were playing football

  • stayweirdkids
    stayweirdkids6 months ago

    Behz how dare you do that with the sambuca alarm

  • Dev Makharia
    Dev Makharia6 months ago

    The title makes so much sense after JJ's New video

  • Trill Jay

    Trill Jay

    4 months ago

    Which video?

  • Awesomeboi


    5 months ago

    Which video

  • Listenerz


    6 months ago


  • Jules Nsengiyumva

    Jules Nsengiyumva

    6 months ago


  • SwaggerSwgger
    SwaggerSwgger6 months ago

    if u are real KSI are u gonna reaction KSI remix

    LEGENDARY REVENGER6 months ago

    Luv u mate

  • Aphus
    Aphus6 months ago

    Fitness challenge for Behzinga: Do a murph as fast as you can

  • Morten Rasmussen
    Morten Rasmussen6 months ago

    Your a King don't ever forget that, stay strong My man

  • Daniel Fitzgerald
    Daniel Fitzgerald6 months ago

    You should upload some games like among us or call of duty or maybe fifa

  • Ryxni
    Ryxni6 months ago

    Ur name should be BehzingaKSI

  • 0fNature
    0fNature6 months ago

    right now i control if the video has 1k dislikes or not

  • Um Mm
    Um Mm6 months ago

    can you guys do a strength test again??? plss

  • Gracie Cain
    Gracie Cain6 months ago

    Tiny peen

  • incognito
    incognito6 months ago

    Gymshark? Nah id rather buy sdmn clothing

  • Landon Ritter
    Landon Ritter6 months ago

    He don’t have re hair any more it’s black

  • kappa kys
    kappa kys6 months ago

    Guys, I don't think that he is the real KSI

    VISHNU ARAVINDH.R6 months ago

    @Behzinga kindly reduce your commercial advertisement on merch.

  • Nibras Yunus
    Nibras Yunus6 months ago

    i fink we smashed the likes.

  • Wuence Andrade
    Wuence Andrade6 months ago

    Roast me buh wtv i am an american so what is sunday league

  • Wuence Andrade
    Wuence Andrade6 months ago

    1.1M views and only 1.8k comments🤔

  • Tye Hall
    Tye Hall6 months ago

    Sir that’s the sambuca alarm

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung6 months ago

    Yooo fix the audio

  • Charlie Harwood
    Charlie Harwood7 months ago

    Anyone think that was the sambu alarm

  • p1mmyt0w3ll
    p1mmyt0w3ll7 months ago

    They need to collab with Pride and Pinion

  • Kian Daly
    Kian Daly7 months ago

    thanks for the arrow/flash spoiler :/

  • William Kenefick
    William Kenefick7 months ago

    Going back to those football pitches would be epic

  • Patty Mustards
    Patty Mustards7 months ago

    Dye u hair red u won't

  • N43U N4Z
    N43U N4Z7 months ago

    Tobi when he heard the alarm and thought it was the sambuca alarm:😨

  • Braydon Krase
    Braydon Krase7 months ago

    1:03 uh no I'm sorry, that was the Sambuca alarm..

  • Akshay Devon
    Akshay Devon7 months ago

    Bro the like to dislike ratio is awesome

  • PRENCH 2904
    PRENCH 29047 months ago

    I was gonna say, cman behz, sambuca alarm when ur by urself. then i realized it was a plug😂😂

  • astram
    astram7 months ago

    Naaa back to JJ and zerkaa

  • Raging Nuke
    Raging Nuke7 months ago

    150k likes you gotta do the react vid

  • beanzs3
    beanzs37 months ago

    Don’t you dare disrespect the sambuca alarm with an ad again xd

  • Neil Jones
    Neil Jones7 months ago

    Love the videos, just find it off putting when he looks at the camera man so much, little glances make it seem awkward

  • King David
    King David7 months ago

    Thought this was Ksi... I’ve been click baited

  • Dark Pixl
    Dark Pixl7 months ago

    U only wanted 100K

  • Jason Alfaro
    Jason Alfaro7 months ago

    ksi are you feelin good

  • William Commins
    William Commins7 months ago