I've Seen Something KSI Hasn't Shown You...

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  • Behzinga
    Behzinga10 months ago

    We're back again guys, Got a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes right now including moving place, shooting some exciting projects and been hard to keep to schedule! Thank you for all the support in this time though, big bangers coming this year. Remember Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clik.cc/kOrbp ✅ ANDROID: clik.cc/oNHER ✅ PC: clik.cc/OhkAU and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

  • Poric Crompton

    Poric Crompton

    4 months ago

    You got it

  • Cal Kearney

    Cal Kearney

    10 months ago

    Do ur dad video

  • E C

    E C

    10 months ago

    You have to explain your dad now

  • ok yes

    ok yes

    10 months ago

    Tommo 3756 ... NO

  • Yos 17

    Yos 17

    10 months ago

    Josh is pissed off because he was just coughing up and Tobi is starting to get worried

  • Kelly McEleney
    Kelly McEleney2 months ago

    Oi I'm watching today

  • Missoveralxx
    Missoveralxx2 months ago


  • olivia-may stoddart
    olivia-may stoddart2 months ago

    When you embarrass yourself in front of 1.4 million people bc of a spelling mistake 9:19 bro I was so embarrassed but this makes me happy

  • KH Clips
    KH Clips3 months ago

    You have a beard !!!

  • tara
    tara4 months ago

    does raid shadow legends have unlimited money or what???????????????????????

  • Sir Sam Theodore the Third
    Sir Sam Theodore the Third5 months ago

    Who here is still waiting for that dad video. Though we heard abt it in his documentary, it wasn't that in-depth. I am not forcing the man to do it cause it is a very personal thing, just was checking whether the ppl also wanted this video even after what's been said in the documentary?

  • Austin Farmer
    Austin Farmer6 months ago

    Love how he changes out the gymshark shirt when doing the other promo lol

  • XYZ
    XYZ7 months ago

    So i guess a dad video.... 🙄🙄🤔

  • Kirubel A.
    Kirubel A.7 months ago

    I wish USplan has a SKIP Button for in video ads too

  • GamingZeus x
    GamingZeus x7 months ago

    Behz looking slim and hench here, can tell he’s been looking after himself

  • Amina Hassan
    Amina Hassan7 months ago

    Im waiting for the dad video

  • Swastik Mohapatra
    Swastik Mohapatra7 months ago

    Atleast what he said about itching was believable

  • Eugene Thunder
    Eugene Thunder7 months ago


  • S55
    S557 months ago


  • Karthik Radhakrishnan
    Karthik Radhakrishnan7 months ago

    The title is amazing

  • AppCandid
    AppCandid8 months ago

    Gotta do the dad vid

  • Kyro
    Kyro8 months ago

    Me: having fun watching behzingas vids Raid shadow legends : take up half of the video

  • Tyler Stevenson
    Tyler Stevenson8 months ago

    Wo thinks we need the dad video

  • chill winston
    chill winston8 months ago

    😂 Side smoke lmfao

  • Gamer RED
    Gamer RED8 months ago

    Where is the dad vid

  • jamie vale
    jamie vale8 months ago

    It got the likes behez we want the dad vid like this guys so he sees it

  • lilymatuskovaxo
    lilymatuskovaxo8 months ago

    explain your father . mine missing to :)

  • Kappa
    Kappa8 months ago

    9:41 video?

  • kushy smoke
    kushy smoke8 months ago

    Like the shirt .

  • Sam Smart
    Sam Smart8 months ago

    “175,000 likes for a dad video”

  • FurtherChimp668
    FurtherChimp6688 months ago

    Me when I hear raid shadow legends for the thousandth time 😭🔫

  • Xolarツ
    Xolarツ9 months ago

    Why are you the most underrated sidemen? I think you need at least 10mil subs bro.

  • TRC Carrera
    TRC Carrera9 months ago

    My grandmas funeral was brought to you by raid shadow legends

  • Adi manoj
    Adi manoj9 months ago

    Any1 else waiting for a dad video ??

  • RIGBY Is #1
    RIGBY Is #19 months ago

    4:14 isn't that infinite's girlfriend 😂

  • Alexander Stoyanov
    Alexander Stoyanov9 months ago

    Brand or model for the glasses please???💯💯

  • Chrissy King
    Chrissy King9 months ago

    Got over 175k likes behz.....

  • Adl Ahmed
    Adl Ahmed9 months ago

    Passed 175k likes wheres the vid behz

  • DuckMadeOfCheese
    DuckMadeOfCheese9 months ago

    U look like the kid from polar express in the thumbnail

  • Crazyboi
    Crazyboi9 months ago

    What the fu-...... I came back after 2 yrs.... damn he built himself

  • Alex Aspell
    Alex Aspell9 months ago

    When u doing dad video

  • Lutho Fekisi
    Lutho Fekisi9 months ago

    Behzinga is leaving the Sidemen at the end of the year...mark my words

  • VirtualJaz
    VirtualJaz9 months ago

    Who just skips the sponsors ahaha

  • Heber M
    Heber M9 months ago

    Its fax

  • louisLives 98
    louisLives 989 months ago

    Outro song?

  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller9 months ago

    Man slipped a disk on vacation, that's how you know ur getting old 😂😂

  • Kau Miek
    Kau Miek9 months ago

    oi wheres the dad video

  • Jxia Noma
    Jxia Noma9 months ago

    so where is the dad video

  • kenzie Dagger
    kenzie Dagger9 months ago

    look at the title :jjs pp

  • Not Mozart
    Not Mozart9 months ago


  • I fifahd
    I fifahd9 months ago

    He realy put Calluxs link Thats very kind

  • Harry Dawson
    Harry Dawson9 months ago

    look at the likes!

  • KFC
    KFC9 months ago

    Dad video tomorrow please

  • Extro Cload
    Extro Cload9 months ago

    Where is the dad vid?

  • FLUKE ging ninj
    FLUKE ging ninj9 months ago

    Dad video inbound

  • Михаил Мягких
    Михаил Мягких9 months ago

    Dad video is coming soon

  • Tarek Hammad
    Tarek Hammad9 months ago

    When are you going to play fm with manny

  • Jesus
    Jesus9 months ago

    Waiting for the dad vid

  • Montage K1NG
    Montage K1NG9 months ago

    Still waiting for the dad vid

  • Rapid Fiction
    Rapid Fiction9 months ago

    What’s that song at the end?

  • King Uie
    King Uie9 months ago

    Dad vid

  • Korvus
    Korvus9 months ago

    we need more single player gameplay on beh2inga havent been uploading much

  • EdvinCoolBoi69
    EdvinCoolBoi699 months ago

    waiting for the dad video still

  • MT
    MT9 months ago

    Dad video

  • Team Ambush
    Team Ambush9 months ago

    "I ordered mcdonald's through a delivery service" UberEats being the only one who deliver maccies 😂😂

  • AppCandid


    8 months ago

    No deliveroo will.

  • luke Gaming
    luke Gaming9 months ago

    Just subed

  • Red for Life
    Red for Life9 months ago

    Congrats on 4M

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl9 months ago

    USplan: "ye let's just put this 4th on trending for gaming"

  • ItsKyle
    ItsKyle9 months ago

    dont even have to watch the video its his penis

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    9 months ago

    help him and the sidemen to 10 mil a lot to ask but he makes our day

    FERHINO10 months ago

    Call the moo hoodie a MOODIE!

  • Xeno
    Xeno10 months ago

    ayyy 4M subs Congrats !

  • Ark Rai
    Ark Rai10 months ago

    What's the outro song?

  • Whitebolls92
    Whitebolls9210 months ago

    Trying to look as jacked as possible, even flexing when rubbing his hands together. You're not intimidating

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun10 months ago


  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    10 months ago

    Nice double back 😂

  • Focuskrasii
    Focuskrasii10 months ago

    My guy you could deffo do some damage boxing or even cage fighting

  • Ohs David
    Ohs David10 months ago

    Um where's the dad vid

  • Rmzzy
    Rmzzy10 months ago

    4 milll

  • Rmzzy
    Rmzzy10 months ago

    Nearly to 4 mil yay 😁

  • Seth Harvey
    Seth Harvey10 months ago

    200K likes. Daddy time.

  • Michael’s Lawyer
    Michael’s Lawyer10 months ago

    We want the dad video

  • Seth Harvey
    Seth Harvey10 months ago


  • Solly Boi
    Solly Boi10 months ago

    Video starts at 2:40

    XINFINITY GAMING10 months ago

    Please tell me you haven’t converted into a clickbater

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell10 months ago

    Favourite sideman🙌🏻

  • Zayd Adam
    Zayd Adam10 months ago

    help him and the sidemen to 10 mil a lot to ask but he makes our day

  • Señior Scouse
    Señior Scouse10 months ago

    I love you yet in me group of frie ds im the harry but more worse

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue10 months ago

    imagine being part of the percentage that’s aren’t subscribed, could never be mee

  • Jesper Bergstrom
    Jesper Bergstrom10 months ago

    Outro song?

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    10 months ago

    Dad video?

  • Max Zurek
    Max Zurek10 months ago

    What's the outro song? nvm found it Jontha Links - Duracell

  • Made this account to comment

    Made this account to comment

    10 months ago

    My hero

  • luca francis
    luca francis10 months ago

    Nice double back 😂

  • Got Bored
    Got Bored10 months ago

    Where’s that dad video my bruda

  • Psychotic Rexx
    Psychotic Rexx10 months ago

    Where is the dad vid

  • Spartan Kamz
    Spartan Kamz10 months ago

    Love lookin forward to Behz's Content.

  • Zoltan Király
    Zoltan Király10 months ago

    Outro song is Duracell - Jontha Links

  • Georgiemanning
    Georgiemanning10 months ago

    Waiting for the dad video

  • Eren guneysu
    Eren guneysu10 months ago

    I have been inspired by u I was 96 kg now I have improved I am ¹²⁰ kg I recommend pressing the like button

  • Eren guneysu

    Eren guneysu

    10 months ago

    Ksi is not real JJ is real 🤯

  • foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    10 months ago

    Do all the sidemen put ksi in their title for clickbait

  • Leon Scott
    Leon Scott10 months ago


  • Zylo tendies
    Zylo tendies10 months ago

    Well it hit the goal

  • Duncan Easton
    Duncan Easton10 months ago

    Banging behz best youtuber

  • Sandro Costa
    Sandro Costa10 months ago

    Completely different person, but the same type of personality... and I really hope you never change it, either you get hate or much love from all your fans around the world... because this is the Behzinga that I always knew and grew up watching =)

  • S-X-N
    S-X-N10 months ago

    198k likes, dad video coming soon?

  • lil
    lil10 months ago

    Nah no joke you kinda look like my antys boyfriend

  • L M
    L M10 months ago

    Dad video?

  • Khappo M
    Khappo M10 months ago

    SHAMAN?!?!?! That pronunciation 😂😂😂😂😂