My New $3,000,000 Apartment Tour

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Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.


  • Dexter
    Dexter2 hours ago

    Sheesh we have the same oven

  • Kroos1889
    Kroos1889Day ago

    I dont wanna be that guy but you can get this for like 300k in sweden ;D

  • Zunnun Hussain
    Zunnun HussainDay ago

    its a nice Apartment but compared to vik's one its not worth 3 mill

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali6 days ago

    You got ripped off mate. My fucking bedroom is bigger.

  • King Kumar
    King Kumar8 days ago

    Did he buy or rent this apartment someone please tell me

    EYE KONİK14 days ago

    3m for this???????

  • Pureturk7
    Pureturk716 days ago

    Cable management….

  • Daniel Hakeem
    Daniel Hakeem21 day ago

    this is literally my dream teen house

  • Adam Luboff
    Adam Luboff27 days ago

    CMON Behz, let's fucking be having 5m!

  • RV R4ZOR
    RV R4ZOR29 days ago


  • HuggyThePanda
    HuggyThePanda29 days ago

    I hope this wasn't 3 mil..... its 120k MAX! You could get all this up north for could buy a house in london for cheaper than 3mil!!!!

  • Dan Cooksley
    Dan CooksleyMonth ago

    Legend top guy

  • Ufuk Erzik
    Ufuk ErzikMonth ago

    Embiid come on cuh

    SIMMXNSMonth ago

    wheres the tshirt from?

  • Sam Drainer
    Sam Drainer2 months ago

    He can see whenever westham lose. Then westham have their best season in years.

  • Emil Kovic
    Emil Kovic2 months ago

    I have the same oven as Behzinga lets go

  • Helloworld
    Helloworld2 months ago

    I wish if he doesn't talk like a children's TV presenter I'd actually watch his videos without getting annoyed

  • Mashfiqur Rahman
    Mashfiqur Rahman2 months ago

    Why the office looks identical?

    GUAM GOAT2 months ago


  • Callum Billyeald
    Callum Billyeald2 months ago

    Imagine spending 3milli on an apartment and not a house😅😂

  • Dill P
    Dill P2 months ago

    Imagine having 3 million $ and instead of buying a mansion you buy an apartment 🤦‍♂️

  • COD gamer
    COD gamer3 months ago

    The title is clickbait btw, he probably rents it

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth3 months ago

    Fridge totally. Empty apart from Malibu and the flashlight

  • Bonjour Chimaple
    Bonjour Chimaple3 months ago

    Why do people feel the need to brag?

  • henry pusey
    henry pusey3 months ago

    Hows Vikk's apartment so much nicer

  • alex m
    alex m3 months ago

    This is not 3mil

  • Jamie Winter
    Jamie Winter3 months ago

    Not worth 3million at all 😂😂

  • Cam Williamson
    Cam Williamson3 months ago

    Nice one man, happy for you.

  • Solomon Baptiste
    Solomon Baptiste3 months ago

    I don't understand why British USplanrs use the $ sign they should £ just makes sense

  • Grazie Regazzi
    Grazie Regazzi3 months ago


  • Amir Kadah
    Amir Kadah3 months ago

    Behzinga is looking hella fit but still acting like a virgin

  • Spartan Mobile
    Spartan Mobile3 months ago


  • Andrew Porter
    Andrew Porter3 months ago

    Surely you can afford Sky Q man.. Sky HD is old af

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson3 months ago

    What a mug

  • PP_Ra_uL_T
    PP_Ra_uL_T3 months ago

    2:26 boom boom boom Gym

  • Rated Y2K
    Rated Y2K3 months ago

    You’re cringy af

  • Da_Kritick
    Da_Kritick3 months ago

    Wow 3 mill for that someone got bumped

  • Ben
    Ben3 months ago

    3 million! that's the size of my garage.

  • Olbap Rabocse
    Olbap Rabocse3 months ago

    A basic flat...cant be worth 3 mill surely??

  • British Wordplay
    British Wordplay3 months ago

    Nice rental

  • Chewy
    Chewy3 months ago

    You paid 3 mil for that ? Its so small tf

  • wheelsatwork
    wheelsatwork3 months ago

    Here for a year. So you’re renting?

  • Stay Sharp
    Stay Sharp3 months ago

    The glow up is lit. The next property for you should be a purchase though ...

  • Jake Woodley
    Jake Woodley3 months ago

    Nice apartment! But £3,000,000?

  • ColaBoxx
    ColaBoxx3 months ago

    If that`s $3.000.000 my house must be $25.000.000

  • 88_Italkbasketball_88 MoMo
    88_Italkbasketball_88 MoMo3 months ago

    The Joel Embiid line🙏🏼🙏🏼 you a king for that my G

  • Anna Reeves
    Anna Reeves3 months ago

    I’ve happened to notice you’re using elvive dream lengths as a shampoo and conditioner 😆😆😆

  • Josh
    Josh3 months ago

    Means nothing to be a millionaire in London

  • miguel santos
    miguel santos3 months ago

    if that is a 3M apartment you just got scamed by friend

  • MotoBros
    MotoBros3 months ago

    3 MIL for that ? WOW !

  • Ike 774
    Ike 7743 months ago

    ethans pc has such old hardware

  • Ike 774
    Ike 7743 months ago

    "very fast" he says with 156 ms network ping

  • Roarroar
    Roarroar3 months ago

    looks nice, but 3 million for that?

  • Jae.muniix
    Jae.muniix3 months ago


    MD FISHER3 months ago

    Why 3m

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi3 months ago

    As someone who lives in Texas, THAT'S $3M DOLLARS??!!. Wow.

  • Matthew Benvenuti
    Matthew Benvenuti3 months ago

    That’s the smallest 3 million dollar home I’ve ever seen wow my house is way bigger and it’s not even worth half that.

  • Galactico 999
    Galactico 9993 months ago

    How can it be worth 3 mill if it has the dining, the living and the kitchen in one room.

  • Asher Cobiac
    Asher Cobiac3 months ago

    Ethan's mum is actually the GOAT

  • Becca Johnstone
    Becca Johnstone3 months ago

    10:02 COOCHIE MAN

  • rTk
    rTk3 months ago

    I also have a traffic cone like that :'D Had it for lil over a decade now.

  • Lana rhoades
    Lana rhoades3 months ago

    He took the assist trophy home meanwhile vikkstar took howe the cup 😂😂

  • OnlineCentral
    OnlineCentral3 months ago

    Around 700k or abit more

  • keshav jhunjhunwala
    keshav jhunjhunwala3 months ago

    This is what $ 3,000,000 gets you in London? Jeez, thats sad af.

  • controller
    controller3 months ago


  • KJoulani
    KJoulani4 months ago

    lol 2 tiny bedrooms for 3 mill and an ok view, lol you got robbed!

  • Felicia Zawadi
    Felicia Zawadi4 months ago


  • JordyPrime
    JordyPrime4 months ago

    Do u still have your GTR

  • Bitch Dectectors
    Bitch Dectectors4 months ago

    3 mill for one apartment u may as well buy a home at that point 😂

  • Mace Windu X JumboStudios
    Mace Windu X JumboStudios4 months ago

    They're all getting Chad pads

  • pyratech _gamer
    pyratech _gamer4 months ago

    I got it. Sidemen came here to finish the pub golf video where it was simon vs Harry and simin one. It's the same flat, damn.

  • Dennis Pauli
    Dennis Pauli4 months ago

    Noone could see Express VPN paid for his house :P

  • True North
    True North4 months ago

    His mom is so sweet for making all those collages for him 🥲🥰

  • 427Pancakes - Brawl Stars
    427Pancakes - Brawl Stars4 months ago

    He said 18 degrees and every room and I was like... HUH WTH? and then i realized that he's not an Idiot who uses Fahrenheit

  • 1 2

    1 2

    3 months ago

    still a bit cool

  • Ylam
    Ylam4 months ago

    CoNe !

  • Katt123
    Katt1234 months ago

    Alissa: "why is there a traffic cone on the table?"

  • Sebastian Morales
    Sebastian Morales4 months ago

    I’m hoping this appt doesn’t 3,000,000

  • Sebastian Morales

    Sebastian Morales

    4 months ago

    I hope this click bait

  • M7amad panda
    M7amad panda4 months ago

    This is my dream house. Simple yet nice

  • Finn Corbett
    Finn Corbett4 months ago

    3 million my arse😂

  • C O
    C O4 months ago

    now i understand why house tours are done nice little tax write off 😜😂

  • Isabelle Johnson
    Isabelle Johnson4 months ago

    Anyone else triggered about the order of the knives cause there not big to small

  • Haneesh Gadde
    Haneesh Gadde4 months ago

    thats 3 million😱??

  • Luke H
    Luke H4 months ago

    Only real ones know about the oofos on Ethan’s feet😉😎

  • BraxTer
    BraxTer4 months ago

    cant be 3mil for that appartament. In My country that would be like 150-200k.

  • Sumayyah Alzahrani
    Sumayyah Alzahrani4 months ago

    He should have a mansion with 3M …

  • Noodles 077
    Noodles 0774 months ago

    Wdym £3,000,000

  • Vin A
    Vin A4 months ago

    no way its 3 mil, not for this dump. what is that like 600 square foot.

  • Liam Silva
    Liam Silva4 months ago

    Ethan’s dad: son I’m back how’s ya day been

  • tumelo mothoa

    tumelo mothoa

    3 months ago


  • Quezon fx
    Quezon fx4 months ago


  • Emerald
    Emerald4 months ago

    there is not a West Ham Fan that hasn't done something illegal

  • Luana Nivo
    Luana Nivo4 months ago


  • Ethan Sorae
    Ethan Sorae4 months ago

    You went to Brentwood long time ago and saw my brother he was the one who edits boxing videos

  • Matthew Dooley
    Matthew Dooley4 months ago

    Ayy just saying, Petit Fromage literally translate into english as "Small Cheese"

  • Rayane_Tdv
    Rayane_Tdv4 months ago

    3 mil for that?

  • V2CJokeman
    V2CJokeman4 months ago

    Is dis in East London

  • NSE 465
    NSE 4654 months ago

    Flex much. 3m for a place is normal in Brexitinflation-land.

  • Rohan blaze
    Rohan blaze4 months ago

    breh for 3 mill you can get a 10,000-15000 sq ft mansion in my area. but i understand ITS LONDON INNIT BRUV?😂.

  • Menacing
    Menacing4 months ago

    Duck yu

  • unknown b
    unknown b4 months ago

    3 million for that apartment it's nice but it's not worth 3 million is it?

  • James Sandford
    James Sandford4 months ago

    Has anyone noticed that he has got socks when wearing sandels