Sidemen Diss Track Season 2

We back at it with the Behzinga Reddit videos, you guys have been asking for it so here it is! Hope you enjoy this weeks video!
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  • Samuel Lawson
    Samuel Lawson11 months ago

    Once again who wouldn’t want to be subscribed to this lad he’s the MVP

  • Hawaiki Tattersall

    Hawaiki Tattersall

    7 months ago

    the mvy (most valuable youtuber)

  • Gavin Mcmillan

    Gavin Mcmillan

    9 months ago

    Except harry

  • Jayden Evans

    Jayden Evans

    10 months ago

    U need to do more vids

  • Wavez MCR

    Wavez MCR

    10 months ago

    Definitely the MIP

  • NotTatenda - CODM

    NotTatenda - CODM

    10 months ago

    @Jhai simp

  • Aod om
    Aod omMonth ago

    That outro though

  • carter sylvester
    carter sylvester2 months ago

    the friends sofa the simpsons sofa

  • Channel M
    Channel M3 months ago

    Imagine if they did a season 2 but with Tobi josh quadeca maybe Randolph getting involved that would be sick

  • Rhys Owens
    Rhys Owens7 months ago

    Name a more iconic sofa then this one. The one off friends in the coffee shop

  • Itz Hamim
    Itz Hamim8 months ago

    Can some1 please tell me what behzinga haircuts called

  • woody
    woody8 months ago

    @Behzinga What watch do you wear

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil9 months ago

    What’s the outro song?

  • William Pettifor
    William Pettifor9 months ago

    That t-shirt is fucking hARDDDD

    SONICSPUD9 months ago

    Man's hairline so perfect it fits with the black bars in the thumbnail

  • Ubayd 21
    Ubayd 2110 months ago

    Can yall help me reach my goal

  • Mundyboyz
    Mundyboyz10 months ago

    Love it

  • ChickenManz60
    ChickenManz6010 months ago

    Behz is the underrated sidemen (just putting it out there)

  • Kingz Drifta
    Kingz Drifta10 months ago

    Think of a more iconic couch👀. I think we all thought of the same couch🤫

  • Tigershark Gaming
    Tigershark Gaming10 months ago

    7:55 💀

  • Tom
    Tom10 months ago

    Name a more iconic sofa? ashen's brown sofa is probably a historic landmark at this point

  • Elliot Burke
    Elliot Burke10 months ago

    Wait so if 52.8 percent are subscribed, and 47.1 percent aren’t. What’s the the other 0.1 percent?🤨

  • Hamza Ayaz
    Hamza Ayaz10 months ago


  • Woah
    Woah10 months ago

    Click bait

  • Toad Doesn’t Like Mayonnaise
    Toad Doesn’t Like Mayonnaise10 months ago

    When you upload less the KSI

  • cynful
    cynful10 months ago

    That soffa got a dent DENT like A Dent DENT

  • Tim O’connor
    Tim O’connor10 months ago

    Is that mr.tumble?

  • Farhath Suraiya
    Farhath Suraiya10 months ago


  • Farhath Suraiya
    Farhath Suraiya10 months ago


  • Farhath Suraiya
    Farhath Suraiya10 months ago


  • Churro Comprende
    Churro Comprende10 months ago

    Hahahahahaahha tobi just got his 4 mil nah jk u cool bro

  • Slim Jimmy
    Slim Jimmy10 months ago

    Do the moo off in maccies

    MILESY10 months ago

    Go back to David Haye’s gym and test your fitness again to show how much you’ve improved

  • Bradeoss Gaming
    Bradeoss Gaming10 months ago

    sidemen strength test 2020?

  • Atif Mahipal
    Atif Mahipal10 months ago

    Outro name pls

  • BJS RL
    BJS RL10 months ago


  • Tristan 07
    Tristan 0710 months ago

    Who else saw him in the gym shark ad

  • SwichCrosS 27
    SwichCrosS 2710 months ago

    Benz what’s your next vid

  • SwichCrosS 27

    SwichCrosS 27

    10 months ago


  • Muhammed Avdol
    Muhammed Avdol10 months ago

    You looking slim now not like before when disstracks was popular

  • Sunel Rodriguez
    Sunel Rodriguez10 months ago

    Wheres mnt everst

  • RNG Xuxant
    RNG Xuxant10 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what's the outro song?

  • blessed Above
    blessed Above10 months ago

    Just here to say that jj reavel for 10 mil is gonna be blue hair like super saiyan wakanda

  • jmack
    jmack10 months ago

    imagine not beating tobi to 4 million

  • ghxulish疼痛
    ghxulish疼痛10 months ago

    I got clickbaited

  • Cian Canning
    Cian Canning10 months ago

    Holy crap. Behzy boo is one ugly man

  • N43U N4Z

    N43U N4Z

    10 months ago

    Ok boomer

  • barabash
    barabash10 months ago

    i was here like 2 years ago and he is fooking slim? wow great job

  • Ravager
    Ravager10 months ago

    Bez bring back the journey

  • lb_pokemon
    lb_pokemon10 months ago

    Keira Knightley supports West Ham... who knew.. she was on Graham Norton with Thiery Henry

  • Julian9990001
    Julian999000110 months ago

    Man really dipped and left us all

  • Wavez MCR
    Wavez MCR10 months ago

    @behzinga I miss your streams and gameplay man! Your Become Human play through was actually GOATED.

  • e
    e10 months ago

    This man never fails to dissapoint

  • Lois Reddick
    Lois Reddick10 months ago

    Let’s be honest if they did a rap battle Tobi would win😂

  • Eneko Urrutia
    Eneko Urrutia10 months ago

    oi lads lets get this man to 4 mill

  • ya yeet
    ya yeet10 months ago

    I'm here after Tobi beat him to 4 million

  • Matt Saunders
    Matt Saunders10 months ago

    Everybody I figured out why ethans dad left he was shipped off to I ran 😂😂😂

  • E
    E10 months ago

    You're desperate aren't you

  • kye nufc
    kye nufc10 months ago

    lets give em 4 mil subs

  • MarStr
    MarStr10 months ago

    Skinny Zerkaa is mad cursed

  • Xrovz
    Xrovz10 months ago

    that tshirt is drippyyyy

  • Shywisconsin
    Shywisconsin10 months ago

    Who came here because JJs tik tok videos suck

  • Kayshav Sharma
    Kayshav Sharma10 months ago

    Intro and outro songs pleease🥺

  • Kai
    Kai10 months ago

    Oh no

  • C Gray
    C Gray10 months ago

    is it just me or would this be a dream come true P.S if it does i cant wait for harrys

  • Miami Heat is a BUBBLE TEAM
    Miami Heat is a BUBBLE TEAM10 months ago


  • Manfilas
    Manfilas10 months ago

    Do the 30 Murphs challenge

  • NovaFN
    NovaFN10 months ago

    Click bait alert

  • Concon62 Taylor-Guy
    Concon62 Taylor-Guy10 months ago

    I just want you to know that you’re really inspirational

  • TJ
    TJ10 months ago

    behz: these are the best reddit videos on the internet jj: hold my jollof

  • Tomz 255
    Tomz 25510 months ago

    Just wanted to tell you that you have helped me with my life and my dearest thanks to you and your friends for it

  • Dog Life
    Dog Life10 months ago

    Really nice content just need to upload more dawg

  • Randy
    Randy10 months ago

    6:47 No joke I can hear miniminter’s voice

  • Lola Zeneli
    Lola Zeneli10 months ago

    I've been waiting for the next video of BEHZINGA but he got two weeks since he aploaded the last video What are you doing man???? UPLOAD..........

  • Hmm
    Hmm10 months ago

    Come on behs when's your new vid coming out?

  • charlie ellis
    charlie ellis10 months ago

    did you go marshalls?

  • britt dekker
    britt dekker10 months ago

    i just subscribed, bc you should beat him hahaha

  • Jay Eli
    Jay Eli10 months ago

    really good outro on this one

  • lotus
    lotus10 months ago

    #bringbackmrtumble Only ogs remember

  • RTzeexy
    RTzeexy10 months ago

    the videos are top tier and now you take a break I know you are away right now but defently could have saved up some reddit videos

  • Faizan-khan786
    Faizan-khan78610 months ago

    Behz the goat, genuine idol for me even at 19. Keep up the great work and entertaining everyone during this woeful time. Much love from Australia ❤

  • Faizan-khan786
    Faizan-khan78610 months ago

    Can we just appreciate how the sidemen are making incredible content on both their individual and joined channels

  • Faizan-khan786
    Faizan-khan78610 months ago

    Once again who wouldn’t want to be subscribed to this lad he’s the MVP

  • Zak Raherm

    Zak Raherm

    10 months ago

    U copied this from samuel

  • Lewis YT
    Lewis YT10 months ago

    Behz is banging the views

  • Luke Ditchfield
    Luke Ditchfield10 months ago

    You should train and eat like jj when he fought Logan the second time

  • iKikuo
    iKikuo10 months ago

    Wheres the legend when we need him 😪

  • 2 kevos
    2 kevos10 months ago

    Vik is in a other group

    TBAXXX10 months ago

    Well um the sidemen sofa is more famous 🔥😂

  • Robyn Redfern
    Robyn Redfern10 months ago

    Omg BEHZ!!! You should do a day of eating what you used to eat!! That would be so gooood

  • Can i get 1 Sub
    Can i get 1 Sub10 months ago

    Fun fact: half of the people including me going through the comments didn't even watch the whole video

  • Framed2008
    Framed200810 months ago


  • Harrybadatmc
    Harrybadatmc10 months ago

    Yes behz.. another banger

  • Shadow Warrior
    Shadow Warrior10 months ago

    U should explain the delivery driver and how he was being a dickhead 😂. I was actually intrigued

  • caspianYT
    caspianYT10 months ago

    I reeeeaally want another strength challege!

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun10 months ago


  • Charlie Kostamo
    Charlie Kostamo10 months ago

    porn hub casting couch

  • RaZe Danimous
    RaZe Danimous10 months ago

    Keep this content up brother loving it

  • Jeevanlat Naorem
    Jeevanlat Naorem10 months ago

    12:05 outro music name please ???

  • Keelo Babatunde
    Keelo Babatunde10 months ago

    bro where did u get that hoodie that joint is stifff lmao

  • EtienneSC .x7
    EtienneSC .x710 months ago

    Would be too crease if they dissed on some drill beats😭😂

  • Cameron Macbeth
    Cameron Macbeth10 months ago

    who wouldn't want to subscribe to this legend, he's amazing

  • Cameron Macbeth

    Cameron Macbeth

    10 months ago

    @randomdooly thanks lol

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    10 months ago

    You just reworded top comment

  • David Blancarte
    David Blancarte10 months ago

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    Baitsun 7810 months ago

    Now with only this video he’s caught him both on 3.93mil

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    Just subscribed

  • George McGeough
    George McGeough11 months ago

    Before you watch this long arse video let me just say it’s click bait

  • Nice k
    Nice k11 months ago

    Behzinga I love that you actually take your time to read and like your subscribers comments!!

  • MJ V
    MJ V11 months ago

    Why does Ethan's couch look bigger, AND smaller than him??