Training Under COVID | How To Be Behzinga

COVID postpones the London Marathon throwing Behzinga’s training into a tailspin. Can he keep the weight off during lockdown? He’s going to need some serious inspiration.

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0:00 Telling My Truth - EP Teaser
0:36 Becoming an Internet Sensation
2:54 I raced 13 Creators
9:27 COVID ruined my Training Regime
14:03 Opening up about Mental Health
18:17 I walked on Hot Coals!
20:08 I contracted COVID - EP3 Teaser


  • Behzinga
    Behzinga7 months ago

    Hope you guys are enjoying the series so far! Find out if we push through the adversities in episode 3 tomorrow’s premiere 6pm (UK)

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    2 months ago

    Love you behzinga keep up the good work 🤴

  • Kurt Cocker

    Kurt Cocker

    3 months ago

    Behzinga can I say this video and people like you have inspired me to break barriers and achieve my goals in life

  • Jamie Rose

    Jamie Rose

    4 months ago

    These r so inspiring

  • Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas

    4 months ago

    Ur a king lad

  • Georgina Robinson
    Georgina Robinson2 days ago

    This is just so inspirational

  • Get-DELETED2007
    Get-DELETED20073 days ago

    This is inspiring me so much I lost 18kg

  • Namikaze
    Namikaze8 days ago

    what's the watch he is wearing?

  • Nasheeds
    Nasheeds8 days ago

    which year did he try commit?

  • Ezatullah
    Ezatullah10 days ago

    16:38 he was turning into his dad

    HORGITOF10 days ago

    NEVER GIVE UP !!!🙌

  • melaninweirdo
    melaninweirdo12 days ago

    I'm sorry but the beginning of this video is so hot

  • Toxic_Haste
    Toxic_Haste13 days ago

    Covid is a pain in the ass

  • Jainil Mehta
    Jainil Mehta13 days ago

    True legend

  • Rahul Patel
    Rahul Patel14 days ago

    Behzinga dude! I walk past that building to work everyday 🤣 you champ dude 💪 great stuff

  • Jaz Beats
    Jaz Beats16 days ago

    I’m existing in a shell rn:(

  • AdamB 2k19
    AdamB 2k1918 days ago

    It’s so upsetting that on camera he seemed so happy he seemed so excited to be living it up in the famous lifestyle but behind the scenes he had so many problems and actually tried to end it all

  • Jovanny Perez
    Jovanny Perez19 days ago

    So inspirational keep up the stuff🥇💯🔥🔥🔥

  • I couldn’t think Of a good name
    I couldn’t think Of a good nameMonth ago

    I love how much he opens up about his mental health because every word he says is exactly how I feel and it’s just nice to know I’m not the only one out here

  • jeremy verlinden
    jeremy verlindenMonth ago

    Im in this situation right now and im thinking about the same things. "Im only a burden and there no one there caring about me." Im thinking about such things for a long time now and i dont know if i can cope with it any longer. I dont know why i am commenting this on this video, but i feel like i have to say it somewhere while im crying for the thousand time

  • Zack Paget
    Zack PagetMonth ago

    I'm proud of you ❤️

    KiNG STYLER ZzMonth ago

    Love you man, your a legend!!!

  • Hobbs
    HobbsMonth ago

    this show should have been called “Emotions Make Power”

  • Ro
    RoMonth ago

    I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes, love you!🥺

  • Charlie Woolf
    Charlie WoolfMonth ago

    during covid watching your videos helped me a lot with motivation and general mental health. thank you so much!

  • Liam Gibson
    Liam GibsonMonth ago

    Hearing your battle with mental health and alcohol sounded so similar to my own battles, I've struggled with mental health and addiction for most of my adult life, I am thankfully clean and sober these days and to hear your story really gives me the motivation to keep going. I love my friends aswell and if it wasn't for them I'd wudnt be here today

  • Victoria
    VictoriaMonth ago

    This was a little triggering because of my past, but at the same time it's so inspiring ❤

  • Jamil Hatab
    Jamil HatabMonth ago

    love you man

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    Callum ParkinMonth ago

    elz is so peng

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    Joseph Stevens2 months ago

    Is it just me who has watched this 100 times and still watching Hahaha

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    Harry Fi Irwin2 months ago

    I love this guy and everything his is doing and has done such an inspiration

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    Matteo2 months ago

    It makes me shed a tear to see how far behz has come

  • Bhavish Gopaul
    Bhavish Gopaul2 months ago

    This deserves to be on Netflix

  • Ernesto Perez
    Ernesto Perez2 months ago

    My favorite sideman and my favorite strongman video chattin was UNREAL!!! Behz you are an absolute blessing and inspiration to me bruv! I have dealt and am still dealing with my PTSD and depression and anxiety but this is inspiring me to fight through the obstacles! Keep pushing thru bruv!

  • Ruby May
    Ruby May2 months ago

    So emotional 🥺 Thanks for sharing your story , u never gave up x

  • Enlightened Pikachu
    Enlightened Pikachu2 months ago

    my feet hurt watching this

  • noah laybourn
    noah laybourn2 months ago

    can u found the peolpe that disliked?

  • William Schiavi
    William Schiavi2 months ago

    He’s a king 👑

  • lianne zara
    lianne zara2 months ago

    the way he just walked across fire so effortlessly

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    Aj Mad2 months ago

    I’m crying

  • Osian Jones
    Osian Jones2 months ago

    Where was bog in this aka Harry

  • Joel Tan
    Joel Tan2 months ago

    I’m so glad he came to his senses in time

  • Kynaldo
    Kynaldo2 months ago

    legend bro!

  • Joshua Oldale
    Joshua Oldale2 months ago

    Fr behzinga being inspirational loved your content for a long time and to think how long you have come in life is just amazing

  • SnowBlade
    SnowBlade2 months ago

    Running on a treadmill is way easier than running on ground, it's almost 3-Times easier

  • lisa mercer
    lisa mercer2 months ago

    I love ma Bez xx I wish I could be that strong for my daughter

  • Daniel Olier
    Daniel Olier3 months ago

    This is the only show where I cried and I like that I cried bc I wasn't the only one 😭

    DEVASHISH VOHRA3 months ago

    dude loved your series did you really walk over hot coal man if you did congrats to you have inspired me to becomne thin

  • jonki leshi
    jonki leshi3 months ago

    The measly equinox seemingly print because sarah fortuitously obtain worth a puffy silica. cute, perpetual nut

  • ginger ninja
    ginger ninja3 months ago

    Walking over those Coles was just like a day in Australia in the summer

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    The SIMulator3 months ago

    Love a Behzinga x JaackMaate duo. Never knew I wanted it until I saw it

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    Yakmn 133 months ago

    Behz you genuinely make me emotional you are a fucking legend brother keep on going

  • will vaughn
    will vaughn3 months ago

    Ive been in that car in that situation to many times

  • Suhail Ahmed
    Suhail Ahmed3 months ago

    This guy deserves more subs...

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    Ashton Henwood3 months ago

    Well.. I cried

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    its really hard to not see a grown man cry without yourself crying too

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    Shadowy- 60fps3 months ago

    how can you dislike this documentary are these people sick in the head

    BILLIONAYRE3 months ago

    I know it’s a bit late, finally got round to watching this second part. Behzinga you are such an inspiration. This video got me all emotional, started welling up. Thank you for this insight to your life. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    zxch3 months ago

    real men cry

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    Jayden Gaming3 months ago

    I cried at the “I love my friends so much”

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    3:32 the most obvious question

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    Got me cryin screw you

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen3 months ago

    Wish I had friends like u coz I wanted to kms in November because of lockdown and none of my friends tried stopping me so idk if my friends actually care about me

  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor3 months ago

    This guy inspired me

  • Adam Heap
    Adam Heap3 months ago

    the fact this has 981 dislikes is so poor, people really are cunts

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    All the friends runnin with him Warmed my heart...😭❤️

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    I wish the sidemen ran with him on the treadmill that would of been sick

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    By far the most inspirational series that ive ever watched im not even joking

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    ashton childs3 months ago

    I genuinely shed a tear to this video, you’re so inspirational and I’m glad you pulled through

  • Alpha -Squad
    Alpha -Squad3 months ago

    Fricken hell I finally found my motivation Its been a while thank you

  • Varun Kandepu
    Varun Kandepu3 months ago

    mad inspiring. respect to you behz

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    Charlie Bagley3 months ago

    You come along way mate

  • The Software Channel
    The Software Channel3 months ago

    When did he want to commit suicide? Like what year?

  • Gothtokki


    2 months ago

    He said his early twenties I believe

  • Arian A
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    Mans a legend

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    Imjustking J3 months ago

    Watching this again,makes me want every sidmen to have a documentary

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    Legomen dude4 months ago

    I actually cried at the mental health part of the video because it was so easy to relate to at a certain part of my life

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    So so so inspiring and really moving

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  • Nickue Q
    Nickue Q4 months ago

    13:55 josh you are speaking facts! we dont talk about it and that is a problem... i suffer from depression and that hit me on a whole other level.

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    Jens Van der Meijs4 months ago

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    callum davidson4 months ago

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    Waffle World4 months ago

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    Ariel Gutierrez4 months ago

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    William Walker4 months ago

    What a man takes alot to show emotion as a man so I respect this to the highest degree

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    shauna kavv4 months ago

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  • TobiTheTurtle
    TobiTheTurtle4 months ago

    Did not know you had those type of thoughts just remember that you got friend and family who care about you