True OR False McDonald's Mukbang

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Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.


  • Marci Gwen
    Marci Gwen13 days ago


  • Marci Gwen
    Marci Gwen13 days ago


  • Oli Hickton
    Oli Hickton14 days ago


  • sfrow
    sfrowMonth ago

    I’m watching this while fasting In Ramadan Nice

  • Amin Hawadle
    Amin HawadleMonth ago


  • Benjamin Amissah
    Benjamin Amissah2 months ago

    Why does he seem proud to have lipsed harry moving brazy

  • Henry Kk
    Henry Kk2 months ago

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  • mohamed atarras
    mohamed atarras3 months ago

    F for all the morrocans watching this vid.

  • Dotty Whl
    Dotty Whl3 months ago

    50 kfc hot wings next time

  • Brayden Flores
    Brayden Flores3 months ago

    Who is here when Josh couldn’t find an original video idea and just stole Ethans entire vid.

  • Nawal World
    Nawal World3 months ago

    Who here after watching zerkaa vid

  • Maiya Lake
    Maiya Lake3 months ago

    Goodness, he looks so good in this video..

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga3 months ago

    I could do 1000

  • William Mau
    William Mau4 months ago

    This video is an excuse to eat

  • Kerim_Dr1pz
    Kerim_Dr1pz4 months ago

    how did the Sidemen get their name?

  • Nourhan Ouaddar
    Nourhan Ouaddar4 months ago

    Morocco is so cool shushhhhh

  • Operator Polar
    Operator Polar4 months ago

    why do you remind me of Charlie human in the gentleman?

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez4 months ago

    4:31 he sounds American when he says "male"

  • Emil Beck
    Emil Beck4 months ago

    Is it really a mukbang when its only 10 mins long

  • Mustapha Boutbag
    Mustapha Boutbag4 months ago

    Why did u do my country dirty like that ( morocco ) lol

  • IC P
    IC P4 months ago

    Please dont use Gods name in vain bro God bless you

  • Reuben Morgan
    Reuben Morgan4 months ago

    I came to my room with soup asked to enter my teams meeting but when i joined i wasnt muted and all my teacher heard was the person behind the camera saying have u ever done ket with harry

  • liambowers666
    liambowers6664 months ago

    ‘You lot get my humour’ *likes video*

  • It's Dripz
    It's Dripz4 months ago

    Who’s here to check for Ethans lazy eye?

  • socks
    socks4 months ago

    Chicky nuggies

  • Shuuk


    4 months ago

    chicy nugyz

  • Rhys C-T
    Rhys C-T4 months ago

    Charlie: u want to pork a monkey Me: 🤔 JJ ???

  • バカ.


    3 months ago

    Oh nice to see there’s a racist in this comment section.

  • hen ko
    hen ko4 months ago

    "doesnt effect internet connection" increases by 60 ping

  • יובל גאנג
    יובל גאנג4 months ago

    Im from israel and you my favorit ❤

  • [TBNP] Umar_Umzzz22
    [TBNP] Umar_Umzzz224 months ago

    669 dislike... NOICE not really tho

  • Phoenix967
    Phoenix9674 months ago

    4.44 million subs

  • Katt123
    Katt1234 months ago

    Same day as the new Sidemen Tinder in real life video that is soon to come out

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    4 months ago

    i was waiting for behz to say “if i find the right girl girls hit me up” i would’ve JUMPED AT THE CHANCE sorry not sorry

  • TheMGLegends
    TheMGLegends4 months ago

    Yooo ethans killing the youtube game rn

  • Dylansreds
    Dylansreds4 months ago

    The vegan teacher is gonna be P*SSED

  • Raiziel 78
    Raiziel 784 months ago

    Yo Ethan’s hair is lit

  • Adam Hibs
    Adam Hibs4 months ago

    Behz ure a legend❤️

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj4 months ago

    Petition for the sidemen to read thirst tweets

  • Evie Walters
    Evie Walters4 months ago

    Dude those katzu nuggets are 🔥

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui4 months ago

    I love that he’s actually replying to a few people on the comment, he cares❤️

  • vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj

    4 months ago

    half man half you know what?

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan4 months ago

    Big up Behz he finally remembered his password

  • vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj

    4 months ago

    If you uploaded everyday you would be at 10M by 2022

  • JR
    JR4 months ago

    So you did ket with harry

  • vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj

    4 months ago

    7:49 the itis kicking in 😂

  • SWH 25
    SWH 254 months ago

    There’s a cheat day then there is 50 fucking nuggets

  • bilij pdan

    bilij pdan

    4 months ago

    If in the future could you do a fitness video and your routine

  • siyaram siyaram
    siyaram siyaram4 months ago

    We want Behz do curry Mukbang And do dares

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy4 months ago

    i was waiting for behz to say “if i find the right girl girls hit me up” i would’ve JUMPED AT THE CHANCE sorry not sorry

  • MysticStrike Force
    MysticStrike Force4 months ago

    Alright now we will have to wait another half a year to see another video.

  • ANZY
    ANZY4 months ago

    I acc got affended when he said he doesn’t like morocco

  • ANZY
    ANZY4 months ago


  • Gorgeous puppy Gucci
    Gorgeous puppy Gucci4 months ago

    Snow again!!! - USplan

  • yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    4 months ago

    @Behzinga what do you think of lingard comin to west ham?

  • Jawor
    Jawor4 months ago

    Who else thinks that bez should do monday night football vids

  • MAXIM The InternetBreaker
    MAXIM The InternetBreaker4 months ago

    Behz videos are top notch

  • DFA
    DFA4 months ago

    If you uploaded everyday you would be at 10M by 2022

  • d1zel
    d1zel4 months ago

    half man half you know what?

  • Joshua Orishawo
    Joshua Orishawo4 months ago

    7:49 the itis kicking in 😂

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  • chding zuure
    chding zuure4 months ago

    "doesnt effect internet connection" increases by 60 ping

  • lil weeman
    lil weeman4 months ago

    If in the future could you do a fitness video and your routine

  • Marwane
    Marwane4 months ago

    You don’t insult Morocco like that, it’s forbidden. You shall pay, my friend.

  • TobyTube


    4 months ago

    Why can’t people take a joke nowadays

  • Justus Mittler
    Justus Mittler4 months ago

    You can't miss something you never had.

  • chding zuure

    chding zuure

    4 months ago

    Dude lied for 10:08

  • Jara van Arkel
    Jara van Arkel4 months ago

    I love that he’s actually replying to a few people on the comment, he cares❤️

  • McGoalpost331
    McGoalpost3314 months ago

    @Behzinga what do you think of lingard comin to west ham?

  • Nils Stridsman
    Nils Stridsman4 months ago

    What do you think about Lingard to west ham

  • Bruh Moi
    Bruh Moi4 months ago

    Got damn you look old

  • Yaaseen Saban
    Yaaseen Saban4 months ago

    Yo Behz, we beat you guys today 💯💯😂😂

  • Darren Khiew
    Darren Khiew4 months ago

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  • Seafy _L21
    Seafy _L214 months ago

    Behz should go on celebrity SAS who dares wins

  • Polish My Nuts
    Polish My Nuts4 months ago

    Where can i find his bracelet?

  • Muzza
    Muzza4 months ago

    the last person he porked was elz for sure

  • Mdara
    Mdara4 months ago

    We need to get behz over 10 mill. I can’t believe reaction channels have more subs then Behz. He puts a lot of effort in his vids and doesn’t only sit and react to other people’s vids like most reaction channels. GET BEHZ TO 10 MILLION SUBS.

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy4 months ago

    Behz is smashing it, at the moment

  • Noah Paxton
    Noah Paxton4 months ago

    Big behz poppin off today folks

  • Dylan Russo
    Dylan Russo4 months ago

    Damn get this man to 10 million

  • weebabyshakeus
    weebabyshakeus4 months ago

    Dude lied for 10:08

  • Kelvin Byrne
    Kelvin Byrne4 months ago

    Love u behz

  • gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy

    4 months ago

    U wouldn't think he wanted to end it that's how easy it is to hide emotions

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin4 months ago

    My fave quote is never trust anyone to much because the devil was once a angel

  • Z.1.N.Y
    Z.1.N.Y4 months ago

    Can i get a jesu

  • バカ.


    3 months ago


  • Shay Oloughlin
    Shay Oloughlin4 months ago

    bring KSI in a video

  • Viggoll 751
    Viggoll 7514 months ago

    Sämst sopa dase

  • Taranaki Mt
    Taranaki Mt4 months ago

    When there's free VPNs out there that work perfectly fine then it's kinda pointless spending money on one.

  • iAhmed_Cbl
    iAhmed_Cbl4 months ago

    3:05 D: you only been to Marrakesh its not a place for everybody plenty of other cities are cool

  • Mr.Dave Blank
    Mr.Dave Blank4 months ago

    Too loud

  • Fhuitrwklnum Amir
    Fhuitrwklnum Amir4 months ago

    It does higher your ping by like 30 and your MBPS

  • JoWaffles
    JoWaffles4 months ago


  • Allanah Saladino
    Allanah Saladino4 months ago

    So fucking fine

  • isaac ruatpuia
    isaac ruatpuia4 months ago

    the other 50 Nuggs with KSI 🙌

  • CB Rewindz
    CB Rewindz4 months ago

    U wouldn't think he wanted to end it that's how easy it is to hide emotions

  • BD Best Ever Food
    BD Best Ever Food4 months ago


  • 마일스 -Myles
    마일스 -Myles4 months ago

    imagine using tags in the description when you have 4 million subs.

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  • Beth R
    Beth R4 months ago

    great video keep it up lad 🙏

  • lexi park
    lexi park4 months ago

    My mans high

  • Kirsty Farmer
    Kirsty Farmer4 months ago

    Thankyou for making lockdown more bareable!😁

  • Eat Good Food EGF
    Eat Good Food EGF4 months ago


  • John Pearson
    John Pearson4 months ago

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  • fat man
    fat man4 months ago

    Best youtuber that is in the sidemen

  • Callum Singh
    Callum Singh4 months ago

    Love the honesty; keep up the good content! Legend!

  • Michael Dinan
    Michael Dinan4 months ago


  • Jessy Yu
    Jessy Yu4 months ago

    Where tf did the cone come from

  • Albie PD
    Albie PD4 months ago

    He’s definitely done ket with harry

  • Anouar Esn
    Anouar Esn4 months ago

    Bro wear some pants, what's up with people wearing so-called 'pants' above their knee

  • Ahmad Zahir
    Ahmad Zahir4 months ago

    Your acent is like tom Holland

  • OJ _kinz7s
    OJ _kinz7s4 months ago

    KSI should do a little quiz as well